We Take Pride In Our Workouts

We create many diverse  workouts to meet your varying needs.  As such, we have divided our workouts to meet those different fitness goals. No matter what they are, HardCor Training has an effective workout for you.

My Goal Is...

Weight Loss
If your goal is overall health or weight loss, we recommend completing the weight loss workouts twice each and include 2-3 days of cardio.
If your goal is to build strength, we recommend completing these workouts twice each.
We recommend this workout be used in addition to your weight workouts 1-2x a week . We strive to make this workout full of variety to keep it fun and make sure your muscles are not over-training.
No Equipment
There will be one workout posted for those who do not have any equipment.  We will make it a workout that can be done anywhere, i.e. hotel, park, or the comfort of your home. It is suggested that you complete this one 3x a week, if it is the most feasible workout for you.
Custom Workouts
The customized workout is developed for you, and only you specifically. HardCor Training will take into consideration all your fitness needs and goals to develop the perfect workout program.

Why Choose Us

  • All Your Workouts In One Place
  • Cory and Kelli – Always Giving 100%
  • Workouts Changed Bi-weekly To Maximize Effectiveness
  • Open 24/7 – To Meet Your Schedule

What Clients Say

Your workouts have been a blessing.   They have not only helped my health but have let me enjoy the things I enjoy.  I had a physical last week and my doctor was amazed in the weight loss from the last physical and the vast improvement in my blood pressure.
Mike S., Focused on Weight Loss
I suffer with arthritis in my knees, before I started with HardCor Training I would struggle going up and down stairs. Now I handle them with less pain due to the overall strength I’ve gained. I’ve never felt stronger or healthier. They make each workout challenging, creative and most important meaningful.
Bill K., Focused on Strength Gaining