Who Is HardCor Training?

With over 20 years of combined fitness training, Cory and Kelli discovered they had a common passion:  the desire to help and motivate others.  Although their training styles vary, they have found that the subtle similarities within those styles truly compliment each other.  They have been sharing ideas for the past few years and are excited about being able to inspire more people through HardCor Training.

Cory Nicholson, Certified Personal Trainer

My name is Cory Nicholson.  I have enjoyed health and fitness throughout my life. I played three sports in high school, and went on to play one year of football while attending Wayne State College. The discipline and drive I acquired from playing sports and staying active motivated me to want to help others succeed in their personal fitness goals. I graduated from Wayne State College Nebraska in 2009 with a B.S. in Exercise Science and a Minor in Business Administration. Following graduation, I went on to be a Personal Trainer working one on one with my clients, and developing individual programs to meet each client's specific needs, including weight loss, strength training and athletic performance training. I am constantly challenging myself to learn new fitness techniques in order to ensure that all my clients' workouts will remain effective and will assist them to ultimately achieve their personal fitness goals. My passion is to live a healthy lifestyle, while encouraging and helping others to do the same.

  • Certified Indo-Row Instructor
  • Certified Shockwave Instructor
  • Voted 2nd Best Personal Trainer by KC Magazine in 2014

Kelli Alldredge, Certified Personal Trainer


My name is Kelli Sweeney Alldredge. I have been training in the KC area for over 15 years. I have poured my heart and soul into my work and clients, and am excited to be able to inspire and help more people through this website. Other than my family, my clients are all I think about. As a mother of 3 kids, ages 10 and under, I understand how precious our time is. I am always struggling to find that balance of time between kids, family, work and myself. I may not be perfect, but I always strive to do my absolute best.  I am passionate about setting an example to other moms, to show them that it is possible to make time for oneself and for our goals.

I graduated from Kansas State University with a B.S. in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Health Promotion. I moved to KC after earning a spot on the Chiefs Cheerleader squad in 1998, and decided to make this marvelous city my home. I have recently rediscovered my love for tennis and also started playing competitively again. Some of the many parts of my job that I enjoy are the continuing education, reading, and research.  The following includes my various certifications.

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE Certified Group Instructor
  • SAFAX Yoga Instructor
  • Personal Best Pilates Certified Instructor
  • TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified
  • GMP Golf Conditioning Specialist
  • GMP Running Specialist
  • GMP Golf and Injury Prevention Specialist
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